Tuesday, May 22, 2012


So...I have to explain.

Since this blog began, I have referred to my daughters as First, Second, and Third.  When Baby Boy arrived, it was only natural that I would refer to him as Son.  It made sense.  But I felt a little awkward calling him Son, with a capital S, because of the only other capital S son is the Son of God.  It just felt a little weird.

I decided to give them nicknames - which I thought about doing earlier on this blog, but never really was feeling it.  It made me feel like I was trying too hard or something.  But with all the Son awkwardness, I decided to give it a go.

Not that I've been using these nicknames for very long - like two posts or something - but they just feel weird.
It just feels weird!

I'm going back to the beginning. 
Back to the way things were. 
Because I don't handle change well.

Here are the names with the faces, in case you didn't know.
(Who am I kidding.?  The few people that actually read this blog are my family and close friends - and you obviously know my kids!  But go ahead and humor me...)

 First Daughter - 7

Second Daughter - 5

Third Daughter - 3

or Baby Boy - 4 months

I'm gonna stick with "Son," even though it is a little weird.
I may throw in a "Baby Boy" to clarify that I'm talking about my child and not Jesus. 
In case somebody gets confused...

I'm glad I got that off my chest...


MommyMert said...

haha! :)I just found this post humourous to me. I can see you stressing about it, its something I would do. I love you, and I especially LOVE these faces. Yes, Yes I do.

Kelly said...

Do it how ever you want! I love reading your posts no matter what way you choose! But, to be honest...I kinda prefer First Daughter, Second Daughter...etc. I always get the kids confused with nicknames. :)

Mercedes said...

Hahaha, Megan you crack my up! I love that you're concerned about people getting confused about 'Son'. Thanks for posting! Keeps me motivated to post on our blog too!