Wednesday, May 9, 2012

So...Happy Cry

Yesterday was Bear's birthday.  She is 7. 
Before she went to sleep last night she said in her prayers:
Thank you Heavenly Father for answering my prayer to have the best birthday ever.
It was. 
It was the best.

For lunch I surprised her.  I checked her out of school and took her to Pizza Pie Cafe - her favorite - for some one-on-one time.  We had so much fun.  We sat across from each other in a booth and chatted over pizza, bread sticks, and root beer.  She kept telling me how good everything tasted.  She seemed grown up to me.  And she is.

The server brought her a yummy treat for her birthday.  A Cookie Monster.  She took one look at it and said, "Mom!  This looks awesome!   Do you want to try it?!" 
My sweet girl. 
Quick to share something tasty with her mama.

When the server passed by our table again Bear caught her attention and said, "Thank you so much for this treat!  It's delicious!" 
Not even prompted.
She is growing up.

On the car ride back to school, she said, "Mom?  I am so happy I feel like I want to cry."

I did too.

She spent her birthday afternoon playing with her new bug vac and going to softball practice.  We had family dinner and a pink lemonade ice cream cake.  At bedtime I asked her how her birthday was and she said, "Great!  I didn't fight with my sisters and my friends were nice to me at school today.  It was a really great day."

I was so happy to see my girl so happy.
Birthdays are so fun.

Today is a warm morning.  We all waited together outside to watch Bear get on the school bus.  The sun streamed over the east mountains and felt warm on our faces.  The grass was cold and wet under our feet.  Cookie peddled her tricycle around the driveway.  Bear climbed on the bus and waved to us through the clouded window.  Bug stood next to me, munching on her cinnamon oat squares.

She turned her head up to me and said, "I love the life, Mom."

Me too, Bug.  Me too.

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