Wednesday, February 16, 2011

So...16 Favorites


01::my valentine birthday boy. so glad he's mine. forever.
02::writing. writing. and writing.
03::sunshine on the melting snow.
04::saving money together as a family.
05::positive feedback from writers I admire.
06::First Daughter reading the scriptures by herself during family scripture study.
07::the fact that we have family scripture study.
08::my practice mute. allows me to really play my violin without waking sleeping kiddos.
09::sweating it off at the gym.
10::First Daughter's first piano recital.
11::Second Daughter writing her name. by herself.
12::taking photos of those i love.
13::my neighborhood. full of remarkable and inspiring people. and dear dear friends.
14::knitting a stash blanket.
15::hugging Husband.
16::making a nest for Second Daughter during naps. seriously the best. may also like:
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::So...Priceless my most favorite.
::So...I Love yes, i do.

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