Monday, January 3, 2011

So...Carl Bloch: Master's Hand

So...I saw the Carl Bloch: Master's Hand exhibit at BYU, and you should too.

The BYU Art Museum is a treasure of culture and fine art located in the heart of Provo, and right now they are hosting a Carl Bloch exhibit. It features original masterpiece paintings of Christ.

This depiction of Christ In Gethsemene is my favorite and it is included in the BYU exhibit. The painting is larger than life. There are no words to describe the power of this painting. It is overwhelming. It is heartwrenching. It is tender. It is love.

If you live within driving distance of BYU, or plan on visiting sometime between now and May, plan a trip to this exhibit. You won't regret it - I promise.

The exhibit is open Mon-Sat and tickets are free.
Reserve yours here.
And if you need someone to go with (or someone to watch your kids while you go) give me a call - I'm up for either one!

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