Monday, January 3, 2011

Monday Memories 011: The GG's

Costa Mesa, January 2009

This time two years ago, we were on our way home from Costa Mesa, CA where we visited GG & GGpa (Husband's grandparents). First Daughter was 3 - well into her princess infatuation; Second Daughter was 22 months - already an accomplish singer; I was 7 months pregnant with Third Daughter who was actively awaiting her arrival. Besides a treacherous drive home through snow-stormy conditions, this was full of wonderful and cherished memories.

We celebrated New Years with the GG's and Husband's parents that year, fondue, heartburn, and all. Beanie babies were the highlight of that trip for the Daughters which GG has not forgotten. Every birthday & Christmas since, she has included a beanie baby for each Daughter. We cherish our growing collection. Each one is played with frequently and they all have been organized into sweet families. Each and every one reminds us of GG.

Our children have been so blessed to know two sets of their great-grandparents well. We have lived close to my grandparents our whole marriage and see them quite frequently, so the Daughters know them well. Although GG & GGpa don't live as close, we have been lucky enough to visit them regularly in Costa Mesa, Gearhart, and Park City. We have great memories with them and I know the Daughters love them dearly.

Someday I know the Daughters will recognize how lucky they are to have and to know their great-grandparents. I know I already do.

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What I Did Today said...

That's so sweet! One of my goals for 2011 is to send more letters and pictures of my kids to their great-grandparents. I did so well in 2009 and I heard quite a bit about how poorly I stayed in touch this year. Here's to closer family relationships in 2011!