Sunday, January 9, 2011's a wrap...finally!

Ok, so let's talk about the big white elephant in the room.

Ok, maybe just in my room....or blog....and maybe I'm the only one that's seeing it....or cares....

Let's talk about how I never gave any kind of final report to my six week plan. Not that anyone really cares, but since I dedicated so much time and blog space to this goal of mine, I feel it necessary to finish what I started. I need closure.

I started my goal on September 12th and ended on October 24th. In that time, I tried to stick to a 1200 cal/day diet, I exercised 5-6 times a week, and I didn't drink soda (this was the biggest deal for me). It was all about losing the last few pounds of baby weight and preparing myself for the holidays. At my lowest weight during that six weeks I lost a total of 8 pounds. I actually did reach my final goal weight, even though it lasted for about 1 hour.

Overall, I felt very successful - not perfect - at my goal. I was able to stick to my goal of not drinking any soda for six weeks. That was not easy for me, but I did it, and I was very proud. I was also very good at sticking to my exercise routine. As far as diet went, I was on and off.

The main purpose of my six week plan was to give myself a buffer going into the holiday season. And boy am I glad I did. I pretty much undid everything I worked for (as far as weight loss is concerned) in those six weeks. Not that I am proud of that, by any means, but it's the truth. I'm just glad that I worked hard before I let everything go during the holidays.


I know some people may think that I am borderline obsessive about my weight loss/health/fitness goal. I know that the last 5-10 pounds aren't that big of a deal. Neither is my BMI. My happiness does not depend on how much I weigh or how long I can run on a treadmill. I know that. But I am a goal driven person and this was a goal. I felt good when I accomplished it. And I can't lie - it felt good to finally fit into my pre-pregnancy jeans.

So...What's next?

Well, I get to do it again :)
Maybe not as extreme, but like most people after the holidays, I feel ready to eat healthier, get back to the gym, and hopefully lose a few of those Christmas pounds.

How many of you have health/fitness as part of your New Years Resolutions?


Hannah said...

Oh my heavens. I thought you were saying "that's a wrap" to you blog. I'm so glad you will still be around!!

I am doing my no-sugar for 10 weeks thing again too. I started again last week. I love working on a goal.

Autumn said...

OH yay! I'm starting one too, so Ill look forward to reading yours and maybe we'll see each other more often at the gym, since I pretty much wasted my gym payment last month. :)

Serena said...

Megan, we missed seeing you during Christmas break (we were in Utah, but only saw extended family mostly at Drew's party). Anyway, I like to check in on your blog. Your girls are adorable! Good luck with your fitness goals. My goal of the year is to eat less chocolate. I do pretty well eating wise, but I know I eat too much chocolate... ;)