Thursday, October 14, 2010

So...I own a crazy dog

This is Crazy Dog.
He is wild, he jumps, he barks, he has no manners, he has no concept of personal space, he pees on my curtains, he chews, I'm pretty sure he has ADHD, and he is not trained at all.
Most days I don't know what to do with him.
The good thing is, he doesn't have an aggressive bone in his body.
He is sweet, lovable, and playful.
He's just crazy.

Lately I've had some motherly insight into why he might be so crazy.
I think Crazy Dog doesn't get enough attention.
I don't think he ever has.
It's one of those he's-acting-out-because-I'm-not-giving-him-what-he-needs situations.
tonight I decided to be a responsible dog owner and take Crazy Dog on a walk around the block for some extra one-on-one time.

It was horrible.

He is even more crazy when he is on a leash.
I'm not even sure if he has ever been on a leash.
He was pulling, grunting, jumping, barking, and getting himself twisted in the leash.
It was not an enjoyable experience at all.
I felt bad though, because the poor dog just doesn't get out much.
He's just too crazy!

So, I know the answer is that this dog needs more attention, more time training, and more time walking. The only question is how to make this work. He is too much to handle on a walk with the girls. The answer is to wake up early to walk him (and risk waking all the neighbors up with his barking and grunting) or to walk him at night.

I really just wish I had a child that was old enough (and strong enough) to walk him.
And I really just wish he would magically not be crazy.

P.S. As I'm sitting at the computer writing this, I am eating sweedish fish out of a jar by the handful. The no sugar commitment is not going so well. In fact, it is actually backfiring.


Amy and Arthur said...

You make me laugh!!!

The Bobos said...

Crazy Dog sounds hilarious. I want a lazy but adorable dog. Too bad our yard isn't big enough! Oh well. Maybe down the road.

I have found that as soon as I restrict something from my diet, it's all I can think about. And then I indulge and feel incredibly guilty. For me, it's better to have a little when needed then try and restrict it all together and go overboard. Good luck!!

Quinn, Allison, Rylee and Cailyn McNamara said...

Good for you for getting Bowser out of the house - that is no small feat! You are right, he never has gotten enough attention; he has however been on a leash at least a few times...but definitely not regularly or enough (:
All I have to say is THANK YOU! He IS a sweet dog, but I'm glad it's you and not me dealing with the crazies now!

thescotts said...

HAHAHAHA! I am dying! This is one GREAT post! I had crazy dog too. Jac use to have to put a harness on him and get on his skateboard to take him RUNNING! He would drag me down the hills of rock canyon park if I tried to walk him. We eventually had him live at my parents house because he had no where to run and he was just insane all day long. He ended up being the best, most loyal love of my life. I miss him everyday. WOW! Sorry, I didn't mean for that to go sad. BUT, he will be your favorite dog I am sure.
The no sugar thing SUCKS! I didn't even make it a weekend so be proud for how long you did make it.

marykaye said...

Landry and Bowser are soul brothers. They would be best friends + probably wear each other out. Another reason for us to be neighbors.