Sunday, October 10, 2010

Six Week Plan: Day 28

This week did not go well.
I couldn't stop eating and I didn't get all my workouts in.

I spent every day and night this up at my Grandparents' house helping them pack, move, and clean out their house. It was a very large undertaking. It was hard work and perhaps it made up for some of the workouts I missed. But there's not really any excuse for all the food I ate. Except for maybe stress and the fact that one week every month I lack all discipline when it comes to eating. This was that week.

basically what I'm saying is that I am not looking forward to stepping on the scale tomorrow.
I am, however, looking forward to working out.

I'm going to try to give up sugar for this week.
Treats have been my downfall.
I do pretty well with watching my portions during meals, but I almost always go over my calorie budget with treats. So, for this week, I'm going to try to stay away from sugar and treats.
I'm not very optimistic about my ability to do this, but I did it with soda for 4 weeks, maybe I can do it with sugar for one.

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