Friday, September 17, 2010

So...creativity, flexibility, and the ability to let it go

Today I don't have time to go to the gym. It is one of those days that is completely scheduled and these is just no way that we will make it there.
I will not be running today.
And you know what?
That is OK.

Somedays things just don't work out how we plan.
Ultimately, family, friends, and life is more important than one day of my exercise schedule.
All today means is that I get to practice my creativity, flexibility, and my ability to just let it go.

Instead of going to the gym, I am going on a walk on the trail with a friend.
In fact, we go walking on the trail every Friday, and I love it.
Saturdays are usually my cross training day. I will just count today as my cross training and go running tomorrow morning instead of today. No harm done.

The thing that is worrying me a bit about today is a group date we're going on tonight to celebrate my friend's birthday. We are going to play laser tag, and a dollar movie and/or cheap dinner. Either option is going to be tricky to stick to my goals. No soda - I always want to get a drink when I go to the movies. And usually popcorn and candy too. No fast food - cheap dinner usually equals fast food. Hmmm.

Well, like I said, days like today allow me to practice my creativity, flexibility, and ability to let it go. Here is my plan:

1.) The first thing that I'm going to do to plan for tonight is to be extra careful what I eat all day. I will eat small meals/snacks (and measure/count calories very carefully) to save up my calories for tonight. Because it's my friend's birthday, I won't have a lot of say in where we eat and I don't want to not eat wherever we go - that's just not realistic or polite. So I will prepare.

2. ) I will bring a water bottle with me in case we go to the movies. (Actually, I try to bring a water bottle with me wherever I go so that I'm not as tempted to get a drink when I'm out and about.) Then, I will exercise my incredible inner strength and will power (HA!).

3.) If we do go to fast food, oh well. I will try to pick something off the menu that is not fried. I will try my best not eat french fries. Or, at least not a lot of them :) I will drink water.

4.) I will focus on celebrating my friend's birthday, having a great time together, and not stress about my diet. I firmly believe that a night of bending the rules are a very good thing for a diet. Depriving yourself for too long can be stressful and lead to giving up completely and binging.

5.) I will wake up tomorrow morning, go for a long run, and get back to my goals like nothing ever happened.

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