Friday, September 17, 2010

Six Week Plan: Day 5

Breakfast: 1/2 Morning Smoothie (Calories=175)
AM Snack:
Lunch: 3 oz. BBQ shredded chicken, 6 baby carrots (Calories=213)

PM Snack:1/2 Morning Smoothie (Calories=175)
1/2 rice krispie treat, 1 small piece zucchini bread - unplanned, but I was good and stuck to small portions, even though I could have eaten the whole loaf of that delicious zucchini bread! (Calories=120)
Dinner: Del Taco: 2 chicken tacos del carbon, 2 steak tacos del carbon (Calories=720 EEK!)
Late Snack: (Here's where things went horribly wrong)
1/2 cup black raspberry ice cream, 1 brownie, hot fudge, whipped cream
I had two of those
(Calories=882 or more)

Total Calories: 2262.8

Without the brownie sundaeS I would have totaled 1380.8, which isn't too bad.
Ya, I kind of blew it with the brownie sundae. I could have only had one sundae instead of two, but I didn't. Oh well.
Like I said, I will wake up tomorrow morning, go on and extra long run, and get back on track with my diet.

Exercise: Friday = cross training
60 min: walk on trail with friend

Success: No soda again today! I have to admit it was tempting to have a sip of Husband's soda at dinner. I actually caught myself a couple times reaching for the cup out of habit, but I stayed strong and only drank water.

Confession: 2 hot fudge brownie sundaes. Need I say more?


Hannah said...

My other friend, also a "Meg," lost a lot of weight on what she calls the "S" diet. (A diet I think she made up herself. She is a personal trainer.) She doesn't eat sugar or snacks (including chips and the like) except on days that start with an "S." So basically, she can live on the weekend without guilt. She can go out with friends. She lost 30 lbs living that way. Pretty amazing.

I think occasionally, a brownie sundae is in order.

Autumn said...

I agree with Hannah and I LOVE that you admitted you're human for all to read. One of the many things I love about you.

Anonymous said...

We all fall short sometimes!! Hot Fudge Sundaes are definitely a reason to confess!!!

Anonymous said...

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