Thursday, April 16, 2015

So...I'm Into

Lately I am into...
Cards.  Lots of cards.
There's something about a small package of pretty cards that makes me so happy. 
I find myself in the card aisle of every store I walk into that has one and almost always
walk out with a stack.  Or two :)
Here are some of my favorites. 
 Cheap Sunglasses
Old Navy $5                      Charming Charlie $12
Charming Charlie $12                  Forever 21 $5                     Urbanwear $7
Yes I have more.  Yes I have a thing for American Flags.
Gold Jewelry
Not pictured, but ever present in my closet.  Lots of earrings, bracelets, necklaces, and now a watch (haven't worn a watch in y-e-a-r-s).  But I am a huge fan.  And yes, of course, like my sunglasses all the jewelry is pretty cheap :)  I like buying stuff too much
Running!  Lots of running! 
Once again it is training time for the American Fork Half Marathon - my favorite. 
This time around we have a group of six that run every M/W/F/Sa mornings.
I absolutely love running.  Running is my favorite.
And I can't wait for it to warm up and lighten up around, say, 6am every day.
Love it.  Listening to it right now.
And Imagine Dragons - really into them, or should I say, him :)
I just love music.  Love love love.
But believe it or not, I do not love listening to music while I run.
Hate hate hate.
 Flat Shoes
Lots and lots of flat shoes.
More American Flags.

Aztec Print
Shoes.  Bag.  Shirt.  Pillow.  Cards.  Rug.
Love it.
Kind of obsessed
Family History!
By far the coolest thing I have done in a long time is find family names that need temple work done - like hundreds of names! - and go to the temple to do the work.  So very cool. 
And now I'm kind of obsessed. 
I love searching for family members and am so excited to get all of their work done.  I am set for the next few years!  And have plans to get my family members to work as well ;)
Date Night
I love date night.
I love that we have date night.
I love that it is a priority.
I love having it to look forward to every week.
I love how it makes our marriage better.  And stronger.
I just love my husband, and I love spending time with him.
He's my favorite.
My Family
These guys are my world.
I've never loved being a wife and a mom as much as I do now.
Seriously - I'm not just saying that.
There is so much joy that comes from raising a family and committing myself to these people.
I wouldn't trade this life for any other.  I feel so very blessed.
I am a strong believer in families.
Families are central to God's plan, and yes, He has a plan for us.
I believe that.  And I believe we are meant to have joy.
And my family brings me joy.
So much joy. may also like::
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Jena said...

This is just happy :)

scooping it up said...

aaaand, she's back! sometimes it's all those little things :)

Meg said...

In my limited experience it's usually the little things that end up being the greatest things 👍

Anonymous said...

Great Blog, enjoyed your varied activities, all so family centered, and Christ centered… thanks for sharing. marsha lavin

MommyMert said...

So................ I love this post.

Terri said...

The only part your missing is a video of you singing..."these are a few of my favorite things!" Love this....your adorable!