Tuesday, January 28, 2014

So...Right Now...

First Daughter right now...

::is almost 9 years old!
::is entering her pre-teens.  or at least it feels like it!
::is not a girly girl, but loves makeup and nail polish.
::loves her rainbow loom!
::is currently reading Hugo Cabret and really loves it.
::is in third grade.
::participates in an accelerated math and science class. 
::loves math!
::loves her friends.
::has been experimenting with fashion. 
::is such a good example to me of choosing to smile.
::has a magnetic personality.
::loves being a little mama to her baby brothers.
::loves being a boss to her little sisters - or at least tries to :)
::copies a lot of what I do - the good and the bad.  I need to be careful!
::is not afraid to try anything - she is so brave!
::can be dramatic at times, but is really good at working through her emotions.
::loves one-on-one time.
::loves long talks with mom.
::loves listening to music.
::tries hard to do the right thing - even when it's hard.
::really doesn't like consequences (she has told me so)
::loves having late-overs with her friends.
::loves doing makeovers - especially when there is glitter involved.
::loves Just Dance.
::is the best big sister we know.  she amazes me every day!
::is so loved and looked up to by all of us.

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