Wednesday, November 13, 2013

So...To Get A Family Picture

I insist on having a family picture the day of Son #2's blessing.
He will not be the only child without a picture on his blessing day.
No one is very excited about this, but I insist.
(P.S. It is very cold)
A little spit-up on the shoulder never hurt anyone...
Turn him around.  Quick, everyone look at the camera!
Ok, keep trying - look at the camera!  Smile!
Wait...someone's missing...
Where's Third Daughter?
(Husband goes to find her.)
(First Daughter steadfastly smiles at the camera.)
(Second Daughter's ready...where are the other three???)
Here they come - phew!  I don't know how much longer Son #1's gonna last!
Oh no!  Wait!  Come back!!!
Ok, here we are - everybody look up!  Smile!
Third Daughter - quit pouting - Smile!!!
Wait, don't smile.  Don't smile at all.
There we go. :) Quick take it.
One more time, just in case.
Got it.
It only takes one good shot to make this mama happy.
And First Daughter wins the prize for looking and
smiling at the camera throughout the entire ordeal.
Second Daughter was a close second -
smiling the whole time whether at the camera or not. 
Way to go kids. 
You're getting the hang of this.
Now teach your younger sister :) may also like::
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Kelly said...

I love this! I can relate completely! I especially love the bottle in husband's suit great!