Tuesday, November 5, 2013

So...Our Halloween

The Halloween festivities began on Wednesday at Third Daughter's preschool party.  Here she is with her buddies.  They are a cute bunch of kiddos!
Third Daughter's preschool teacher had the most hilarious costume!
That night we carved pumpkins.  First Daughter got brave this year and got her hands in the pumpkin guts.  That was a big deal!  Usually she won't touch the stuff.  Holiday activities like carving pumpkins is always a lot of work, but I'm always glad when we do it.  These are the kinds of things that create good memories for our kids.  It was fun to have Brother & Sister stop by to visit too.  Love having family close enough to drop by!
Halloween morning First and Second Daughters wore their costumes to school for their school parade and parties.  We all dressed up as well to go watch the parade.  Son #1 was not happy to be in that mouse costume and he was even more not happy (I guess that would be less happy) to be strapped in the stroller watching a parade of kids.  He hadn't quite caught the vision of Halloween.  Until...
We went to Husband's work to trick-or-treat.  Once he realized that he got candy (specifically suckers) he was so excited!  He even did a little dance and clapped his hands each time he got a piece of candy.  It was so adorable.  And I loved watching that puffy little mouse bum waddle around the office.
The family ready for trick-or-treating later Halloween night.  Husband's Sister and family came down to trick-or-treat with us.  It was great to be with them.  Later that evening Husband's parents arrived to be here for the baby blessing weekend.  It was so fun to have family here.  We sat on the porch visiting while trick-or-treaters came and went.  It was really a good time.
 Mama Bear and Baby Bear
 "forget trick-or-treating - I'll just sit here and eat my candy"
 First Daughter was so sweet with her cousin. 
I still can't believe that I have an eight year old, but it is pretty great having an older kid around to help with the younger ones.  She is especially helpful and I know she loves it. 
perfect neighborhood for trick-or-treating
We had a really fun Halloween!
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The Yuan Fam said...

That picture of you and your baby bear is so cute. You look so happy!!! We had such a great time that night.

Kelly said...

I miss that street during Halloween...it was so fun watching all those kids running around when we lived there!

Meg said...

We miss you too!!!!

Susie Jensen said...

these photos :), I love them.