Monday, July 29, 2013

Monday Memories 059::July with Grandma

July 2011
July of 2011 was a fun and unique month.
My mother came for the entire month!  She rented an apartment not too far from us, so that she could spend about six weeks within driving distance of her parents.  And we got to benefit as well.
I was in my first trimester pregnant with Son and not feeling great.  It definitely was helpful to have Grandma around and to have a "distraction" from the yuckiness.  Up to that point we hadn't lived close to family during any of our pregnancies, so it was nice to have some help that time.  I felt less guilty that I wasn't able to care for the kids very well because my mom was here to help pick up the slack and keep things fun (and too sympathize with me when I needed her too - mom's are good at that).  They even got to have a sleepover at her apartment!
My dad wasn't here for the entire time my mom was, but he did come to visit.
He was here during the 4th of July and we were able to go to the hot air balloon festival with him. 
I think this picture was taken on the 4th, between the festivities in the morning and fireworks in the evening.  The girls were swimming in our blowup pool in the front yard trying to handle to heat. 
It was a hot July that year!
Boy am I glad to not have morning sickness again... may also like::
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