Wednesday, November 28, 2012

So...Laugh 'Til You Cry

Today I made my baby laugh by making fart noises in his face.
He laughed so hard he turned red and shed a few tears.
It was the funniest thing and such a fun moment.
We sat and laughed at each other for a good fifteen minutes.
Really laughed.
It was the best.

Oh how I love this baby.
He brings so much joy into each one of my days.
I get so excited when I see him and he greets me with his huge grin.
There really is nothing better.

I am so thankful for Son.
I am thankful for this precious time in his life.
He is growing so fast and learning new things everyday.
I am thankful to be able to be with him all day and to enjoy each moment of his life.
I am so thankful for the love that I feel from him. 
No matter how crazy a day may be, I know this boy will have lots of smiles, cuddles, headbutts, and laughs to share with me. 
I love that I can give him just what he wants just by holding him close.
It feels good to be needed by my baby.
It feels good to be his mama.

Today I am so thankful for my baby boy.
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