Monday, October 29, 2012

So...Spooky Spiderweb, Ghosts, and a Smile

Found this spooky, and beautiful spider web on our front porch.
When the sun comes over the mountains in the morning and hits it just right this is what we see.
I honestly was surprised not to see "Some Pig!" written in it.
Third Daughter and I completed treats for her preschool Halloween party tomorrow.
12 hot chocolate kits.
Hot chocolate is Third Daughter's favorite.
The idea was hot chocolate and a ghost peep.
We went to the store and no peeps in sight.
Next we tried for pumpkin marshmallows we saw a couple weeks ago.
Again, all sold out.
So, we settled for giant marshmallows with ghost faces drawn on the bag.
I was worried they looked more like Christmas treats than Halloween treats, but luckily when Third Daughter saw the first one she said, "Ghost marshmallows?!"
Three year old are pretty honest.
I'm glad she saw the ghost.
Hopefully the other 11 preschoolers see it too.
And hopefully they forget about these ghosts when they get their "snowman" hot chocolate kits for Christmas.  :)

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