Thursday, October 4, 2012

So...Lessons From My Kids

1::"You just need to spend more time worrying about your kids." - First Daughter
Amen, Baby Girl.

She didn't realize the wisdom in her words.
She had overheard me expressing my desires to put first things first and sensed my worry about the effects of my shortcomings on our family.

That was her response.
So simple.  And so true.

2::"Tonight I'm going to bless Silver in my prayer." - Second Daughter
Our dear, dear friend was in a motorcycle accident this week.
He survived a near fatal crash with "minimal" injuries (I'm sure they don't feel so minimal right now).
He's going to be OK and we are all so thankful for the Lord's watchful care.
When I told the kids, that was Second Daughter's response.

Prayer is powerful.
And she knows it.

3::"I just love you." - Third Daughter
She may or may not have said this to avoid discipline for naughty behavior...
But you know what? 
It totally worked.

Sometimes all that matters is that "I just love you."
How much power is in those simple words!

We're definitely turning our focus back on strengthening our own little family.
Things like family prayer, family home evening, family scripture study, family outings, and lots and lots of music and laughter in our home. 
There's too much at stake not to put our full efforts into our precious childrens' lives and into our marriage. 
And there's not a lot of room to get distracted by things that don't really matter.

This week I learned from my kids that three of the most important things are:

Family, Prayer, & Love
Being a mom is the best.
And I am so incredibly thankful for my kiddos.

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