Sunday, May 6, 2012

So...A Sunday

Thinking about this talk today.
It's about recognizing and keeping a record of the hand of the Lord in our lives. 
Counting daily blessings.
And remembering.
This simple practice has power to change lives.

Also thinking a lot this weekend about the temple.
Husband and I were able to go this weekend for the first time since Son was born.
It felt so good to be back. 
There is so much peace and love to be felt in the temple.
I love being there and love going regularly.
Another practice that has power to change lives.

Mostly thinking in general how grateful I am for my family, for my faith, and for my Savior.
I'm thankful for tools that help me feel closer to God - church meetings, scripture study, prayer, journal keeping, temple attendance, being with my family, trying to love and serve others, repentance - and that I am taught how to use them.  I'm learning all the time about how to be better at these things and I'm gaining a deeper understanding of their importance. 

I feel myself learning and growing, and it feels great.

Sundays are awesome.

And today was a treat because Husband was able to sit with us during church and didn't have any extra meetings to go to.  It is so nice having him home.  I love it when we're all home together, just here.

Right now the Daughters are playing "Spies."
Husband is watching basketball with Son. 
I think I'll go join them on the couch and read.

Life is so good.

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