Thursday, November 10, 2011

So...Is There An Echo In Here?

Today I am thankful for friends, and how patient they are with me.

Wait, what?
I've already said that???

Well it's true.

Yesterday alone, I had three different friends lend a listening ear, and a shoulder to cry on without hesitation. As soon as I asked, they were there and willing.

You see, I've been struggling a bit lately. Pregnancy very easily can get the best of me, and this pregnancy has been no exception to the rule. Hormones and I don't get along very well. And it is a struggle.

And you know, sometime life just feels hard.
Sometimes for no reason at all.

Today I am thankful for great friends that I can turn to.
Friends that understand how I feel before I even really say anything.
Friends that don't judge me or blame me for struggling.
Friends that let me cry, and cry, and cry some more.
And guess what? They still are my friends when I'm done crying!

I have needed some womanly, motherly, emotional support the past couple days, and I am so thankful for wonderful friends. Again. may also like:
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