Tuesday, February 22, 2011

So...My Freezer is Frozen

Today I get home from the gym and go to get ice water from my fridge.
No ice.

I open the door to the freezer to see if ice is stuck in the ice maker like it sometimes is.
The door is stuck.

I pull and pull and pull.
It finally opens.

This is what I find::

A frozen waterfall. In my freezer.
I'm thinking this is not good.

I cover the floor with towels and try to salvage what food I can {that isn't stuck in the giant ice block}.
I turn off the freezer and what I think is the water line to the fridge.
I leave the door open.
Four hours later it still isn't thawed.

Husband comes home from work and goes at it with a hammer.
'Ata boy.

P.S. Sorry if you're feeling overwhelmed by the surplus of So Buttons posts. I promise things will slow down after the joy of LOVE is over. And maybe winter. For now - thanks for humoring me and thanks for sticking around.

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Hannah said...

That is horrible, Megan. We have an extra freezer not being used in our garage if you need some storage space while yours is being cleaned. Please come use it!

And...I am LOVING the posts. I hope you don't stop.

MommyMert said...


ps, dont stop

Julie J. said...

I am also really enjoying the posts. I really like the JOy of Love pictures.

Autumn said...

I love Joy of Love posts! Your photography is so good!