Wednesday, February 2, 2011



I find comfort in your arms
Wrapped softly, warmly in your loving touch.
Your moments sparkle in my mind
Instantly taking me home.
Finding solace, silence, peace in one inhalation,
Pulling me through your slow motion pool of dreams.
I am weightless and timeless in your presence.
My gift from God,
My safety blanket
Shielding me from age and time.
My escape, my armor, my companion,
My constant.

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Anonymous said...

'my constant.' instantly I thought of LOST. That is a thoughtful poem and it can refer to anyone special in your life. I like it!!!

Meg said...

Thanks Amy! That actually was a reference to LOST - lol. I couldn't resist.

This poem actually isn't about a person, but about actualy Memories. But I love poems that can be interpreted different ways.