Wednesday, February 23, 2011

So...A Playlist

Bring Me to Life::Evanescence
I Don't Wanna Be::Gavin DeGraw
All Around Me::Flyleaf
When I Look At You::Miley Cyrus
Undiscovered::Ashlee Simpson
The Reason::Hoobastank
Viva la Vida::Coldplay
Only One::Yellowcard
Love Me for Me::Ashlee Simpson
I'm in Love with a Girl::Gavin DeGraw
Everytime::Britney Spears
Bubble Toes::Jack Johnson
When You're Gone::Avril Lavigne
Hanging By a Moment::Lifehouse
The Climb::No Doubt
Chasing Cars::Snow Patrol
My Immortal::Evanescence
You and Me::Lifehouse
Another secret about me::I am a high schooler at heart.
Oh, and::I'm an Ashlee Simpson fan.

There is something very appealing to me about getting in the car, popping this baby in, and just driving. These songs speak to a part of my soul that doesn't get much recognition these days. I am a grown up now after all.

Some of these songs are from my past; some are more recent; all would have served as much needed therapy for my overactive teenage heart.

I made this mix for a friend of mine, but the's for me too.
Anyone want a copy? may also like:
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Thanks for stopping by!


MommyMert said...

I am in... :) I wanna see what floats your boat musically. Loved the last cd.

Hannah said...

I totally want one. Your girl mix is a huge hit in our van. We'd love another Meg Mix.

Autumn said...

Yes please! I love to sing those songs as well. As loud as I can.

Terri said...

Hey I want one and the one you promised me along time ago!!!!! Pretty please.