Tuesday, January 18, 2011

So...what we did on MLK Day

We made donuts.

We are in save-every-penny mode and this MLK Day, that led us to making homemade donuts. With yesterday being a holiday, we normally would have done something special like get donuts for breakfast. The girls asked and I gave my usual answer as of late, "Remember, we're saving our money. We're only buying things we need." But then I remembered a recent post of a friend of mine about making homemade donuts. I thought we would try.

We used the Pioneer Woman's recipe. Even with some time-saving cheats, they turned out delicious (and gorgeous). My only complaint - this isn't a great recipe to make with small children. Too much waiting.

If you want to try making donuts with children, I would suggest trying a recipe similar to the one over at Make & Takes, or any non-yeast donut recipe. No waiting for dough to rise. When dealing with sizzling oil on the stovetop and small children in the kitchen, I say reduce as much stress as possible. I did not follow this advice today.

I'd say homemade donuts were a hit today, and according to First Daughter today was "the best day ever!"

How did you spend your MLK day off?

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Andrea Busath said...

They look delicious! And the picture looks great! Awesome job Megan!