Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Lette L!!!
L is for Leaf:
1.) collect leaves

(just had to include the no-pants-and-boots shot)
2.) cut out L

3.) do not disturb Third Daughter, or expect her to come inside for letter craft.

4.) glue cut-out L onto other piece of paper.

5.) glue leaves onto the L

6.) practice writing L's

7.) Display!

8.) allow Third Daughter to sharpen as many crayons as she wants.
See #3 for further explanation.


What I Did Today said...

Your kids are so cute! Can't wait to start doing fun alphabet crafts in a little bit. And that slumber party a few posts down looks like way too much fun!

Julie J. said...

3rd daughter is cracking me up! Love the boots!

Hannah said...

Cute little girlies! You are such a fun mom!