Thursday, January 6, 2011


I've always been a sucker for info-mercials - watching, never buying. A few years ago Sister sent us a pack of these as-seen-on-TV treasures. We got them out once (I think) to play with, and then stashed them in the back of the craft cupboard because at the time the Daughters were a little too young to know what to do with them. I completely forgot they were there.

Today, we got out the Bendaroos and oh my goodness were they a hit. The Daughters sat at the kitchen table for 2+ hours making jewelry, butterflies, flowers, letters to spell their names, and anything their little hearts desired. They had a blast. They even invited a few neighbor friends to come share in the action. It was so much fun.

Today I became a fan of Bendaroos.
They work fine motor skills, imagination, and creativity. I love it.
And so do the kiddos.

Oh! And they are reusable - an added bonus.

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