Monday, April 5, 2010


Letter J!
J is for J-in-the-box

1. Draw J, joker hat, and box ready for kiddos to color.

2. Color.
The diagonal lines create great practice for coloring inside the lines.

3. Cut out pieces and glue together. We used pipe cleaner for the spring and added pom-poms to the hat. Little jingle bells would've been a cute alternative.

I had them each try to write a "J" on the box too.

Second Daughter's:

First Daughter's:

4. Display - of course!

Maybe it will take us less than 6 months before we get to our next letter craft. :)
(btw - this was my favorite so far)


PM27 said...

What a great idea for letter J! Your daughters have made some wonderful art work.
When my children were their age, we made many crafts with construction paper. I always encouraged them to use their IMAGINATIONS.
Such a great idea to share your clear instructions as I'm sure others will attempt to make similar artworks.

marykaye said...

Meg = supermom