Tuesday, March 9, 2010

So...hello there

Hello friends.
Sorry for being gone a while.
This blog has been like that friend that's on my mind all week and when I go to call her, I'm not sure what to say, so I don't.
And then I wish that I did.

I have had lots going through this little brain of mine this week, but somehow haven't managed to get the right words down. In a way, that has been a good thing because my lack of blogging has been a result of spending more time with the kiddos, getting my house is a little cleaner, and feeling a little more on top of things this week. And that feels pretty good. Feeling on top of life, even for a short moment, trumps blogging anyday. As much as I love + appreciate the therapy of blogging....

I'm looking forward to LOST tonight. I can't lie. I live for LOST. I wait for it all week. I am a little bit giddy on Tuesdays. I wait for the time when I can change in to comfys, snuggle in bed with my husby, and watch my favorite, most-anticipated show. And then I dream about. Once again, I can't lie. Not when it comes to LOST.

I have to admit, (here we go, the dorkiness in all it's glory) part of what I look forward to the most is the recap and commentary I read the next day on Mormon Mommy Wars. I like knowing that there is someone else out there that thinks about LOST as much as I do. She also makes me giggle. Check out last week's to get an idea. Heather O., I would love to sit down with you and talk LOST one of these days.

Ok, so now you know how truly exciting my nightlife is, I gotta sign off and go watch me some LOST.

What about you - what shows do you love? Are you a fellow Lostie?


MommyMert said...

Looking forward to DWTS and SYTYCD... I dont really have any other shows these days. But, I think I need to rent all the Losts and catch up. I stopped watching Season 3. Need to catch up.

Anonymous said...

You could check out lost-and-gone-forever.blogspot.com if you haven't already. He's pretty entertaining.

The Hungry said...

So out of it here - we've never seen Lost. We're into much more mature TV such as Psych and White Collar - they are our favorites. But what I have enjoyed most the past few weeks is PBS' The Faces of America.

E and J said...
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E and J said...

Sorry I had some tyops-curse of typing on the couch. sorry about the deleted comment!

Lost is in our top 5 but you know me and suspense. I'm hiding under the covers for most of the episode. =) We're totally into Chuck, Bones, Whit Collar, Burn Notice, Leverage, with an occasional Psych. Wow really? That's a lot of shows.

After seeing Ben’s ‘other “life I almost like him. Who knew he could be so decent. What’s with the candidates protector? “Jacob was the closest thing to a father …” There are 6 Candidates left -Sun, Jin, Jack, Hurley…. We’re not still counting Sayid and Sawyer right? They’re with Lock.

Why doesn’t the smoke go after the rest of the good guys? He knows where they are, what’s stopping him from wiping them out?

Meg said...

Ya - I don't think we know who all the candidates are. They were all linked to numbers, remember? The lottery numbers and the numbers from the hatch. But we didn't see all of the numbers in the cave, so there are some candidates that we don't know of yet.