Saturday, February 27, 2010

So...must see Percy Jackson

Saw this movie last night and loved it. Definitely adding this to the "Must See" list for Little Bro. I honestly could have watched this for two more hours. Or more. Will be adding this to our at home etertainment library as soon as it's available.

Very clever, very well written, very well casted, and very well done. I was very pleasantly surprised. And I may or may not be developing a small crush on Percy Jackson, but definitely am for his daddy-o. Who wouldn't crush on Poseidon himself? Especially when he's played by Kevin McKidd.

Now, I did not read the books. Haven't heard yet how the movie compares. My guess is that the book is better. The book is always better.

Another series to add to my list of "Must Reads."

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Jenessa R. McEwan said...

The movie was good but then I read the book. There are A LOT of differences.