Friday, October 30, 2009

So...PAD Chapbook Challenge

I'm a very excited and VERY nervous about the upcoming PAD Chapbook Challenge over at Poetic Asides. Not that I have aspirations or expectations to win such a challenge, or to ever publish anything, but it is fun to participate and I'm always up for a challenge. It keeps me writing and keeps me motivated. Plus, I figure the more I write the more likely I'll come up with something good. It's like taking 100 pictures for that one perfect shot. When I participated in the PAD Challenge back in April, I came out of the month with about 5 poems that I thought were pretty good.

My favorite part is also reading all the amazing poems submitted daily. These people are truly talented and truly inspiring.

And you may being asking, "Why are you nervous?"
That's just who I am.
I get nervous over silly things like writing poetry.
It's more of an adrenaline filled nervousness though.
It's all about the challenge and whether or not I can do it.
I guess I still have a competetive void that needs to be filled :)

Come Sunday morning, it's game on.

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Jenessa R. McEwan said...

I am sure that you will come up with some great poems. :-)