Tuesday, September 1, 2009

So...the places you'll go

For my second assignment:
(I'm a day behind...hence the double post today)

Ten places I would like to go someday:
1.) Italy - with Husband this time
2.) Paris, France
3.) Austria - Saltzburg & Vienna (music history sites)
4.) Pyramids at Giza, Egypt
5.) Australia - mostly for the accent, I must admit
6.) Mt. Rushmore
7.) Stonehenge
8.) Great Wall of China
9.) Jerusalem
10.) New Orleans

Obviously I have an eclectic taste of travel destinations.
I have a thing about world wonders.
To make it on that list they must be worth seeing.
I also have a thing for all things breathtaking.
I also have a thing for lists.
Have I told you that before?

My ideal vacation would without a doubt be anywhere with Husband. Preferrably without kids, only because at this stage in our lives we don't get very much time alone, but I know we would have a blast with our kids too.
Like I said, anywhere with Husband would be ideal, regardless of the circumstances.

But if I had to be picky, which I think is the whole point of this assignment...

I love seeing things. I love going to special places and having experienes that I can't have anywhere but at that destination. Like feeling and smelling the mist of Niagra Falls and the overwhelming inferiority you feel as you peek over the edge. Or the nostalgic feeling you get when you're drowning in history in a place like Rome, or London, or even Boston, even though you weren't there when the historic events occurred. Those are the types of unique feelings I like to have when I visit a place. I want feelings that belong only to those places.

I like to explore. I like to eat yummy food. I like to people watch.
I like to find treasures - little shops and hole in the wall restaurants or cafes.
I like to visit places that I get excited about.
Place that I get equally excited about remembering.
But of course, I have to be there with Husband.
Only then would it be ideal.

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Dub said...

Vienna and Salzburg were amazing! I didn't have time to see everything I wanted to, but what an experience and a beautiful area. I did get to see Mozart's birthplace, but there is so much more to see, I too hope to get there again.