Thursday, September 10, 2009


Yesterday's Wednesday Prompt from Poetic Asides was about numbers.
I just couldn't resist...


I dropped First Daughter off at preschool,
like I always do on Wednesdays,
and buckled the other two in the stroller
to go on a run.
The morning river trail was calling
and I couldn’t resist.
Calls and texts kept coming wishing me
Happy Birthday on this remarkable day.
Jessica asked me where I was,
how long I would be, and when I’d be home.
I suspected a surprise and was a bit giddy.
I picked up my pace a little,
anticipating and awaiting my prize.
I spotted the purple and white polka dotted gift bag
placed so nicely on the side of the trail.
It must be for me.
It looked like a treat
Probably chocolate.
Nothing says “Happy Birthday”
like a huge chocolate treat.
I picked up my treat and quickly realized
I was wrong.
It belonged to someone else.
A little treat left by someone’s dog
nicely gift wrapped and left there
on the side of the trail.

Just to be clear,
today I picked up gift wrapped dog poop.
On my birthday.

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