Wednesday, August 19, 2009

So...Better Safe

Better safe than stinky.

Trees reach from both sides of the trail,
making a tunnel for me to run through.
It’s nice to have the break from all the heat.
But shady places welcome shady people.
I bring my dog to keep me safe.
He’s big and black and looks like he could protect me,
but he is scared of cats.
And water.
Still I feel safe with the illusion of fierceness,
except when we encounter a mother skunk
and her baby. I know her fierceness
is not an illusion.
I want nothing to do with her.
My big, black, illusion dog doesn't help
communicate my treaty of peace.
I see her raise her tail in the blur
while sprinting by her.
I needed the exercise anyway,
but next time the dog stays home.
I’ll take shady over stinky anyday.

Wednesday Prompt:
Better safe than _______.

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