Tuesday, July 14, 2009

So...I admit...

I have a bit of photography envy.
Or maybe it's camera envy.
OK - maybe it's both.

I have tried really hard to not make a point about how I wish I had a better camera and how I wish I could take better pictures. Seriously, I'm just glad I HAVE a camera and that I can document (no matter how blurry) our crazy, fun, amazing life. Honestly, a lot my life seems blurry anyway with these kids running around! I'm just keeping it real, right?!

But if I'm being completely honest...I wish I had a better camera and I wish I could take better pictures. Especially since it seems like everyone and their mom, AND their dog, is getting into photography & photoshop these days. And I really truly admire those who have the talent, ability, and tools necessary. Who knows? Maybe a nice camera wouldn't make that much of a difference anyway. Maybe I don't have the gift. And it truly is a gift!

Oh well.
I will remember how glad I am to have a digital camera, because I really am.
I will keep taking pictures. Lots.
And I will keep posting them.
And you will never hear (or read) another word from me about photography envy.

I promise. :)

moving on...

1 comment:

marykaye said...

Don't be too envious of all the nouveau photogs. You have a good eye and your pics are great- and there are people with fancy cameras that don't have as good of composition. A lot of photography is just using what you've got to the maximum. What's that old saying? It's not the car-it's the driver. I think to a certain point that's true. A photo teacher once told me long ago the first step to taking good pictures is turning off your flash and using as much natural light as possible (most standard flashes drown out detail and cause a lot of shadows ) and read your manual, it really does help. - If you have a macro setting (it's usually a little flower) use that and zoom tight then pull back just a little. I am no expert but i have used a lot of cameras and my dad's pretty much a pro. Oh and I have photoshop elements for a pc that you can have if your interested. Sorry this comment is so long!

I don't think you can take a bad pic of the adorable girls!

love you!