Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Obviously I've been away for awhile.
I feel like I should have a whole lot to say, but as I now sit here with a free moment, I am having some serious bloggers block.
Not much to say.

So here's a list of recent events that I guess have been keeping us busy:
- Mom came to visit
- Husband had swine flu
- Freezer Meals Group
- Beauty & the Beast at Scera Shell with First Daughter & friend
- family reunion in Gearhart, OR
- 13 hour drive home from Gearhart with 3 little ones
- Mom-inlaw, Bro-inlaw & wife, Sis-inlaw & fam stayed at our house
- Cousin wedding reception
- family BBQ (so fun!)
- sewed 17 Jedi robes for Friend's sons' birthday party
- went to Friend's sons' Star Wars birthday party

It has been an eventful few weeks, but it has been great. Being busy is what I know how to do. Now finding some sort of balance in the business...that's what I'm still working on!

Hope you all are having a great summer so far and keeping yourself busy with fun things too!

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MommyMert said...

Wow, could you be any busier? No wonder we havent been able to get ahold of you. Miss you guys.