Tuesday, June 9, 2009

So...twue wove

I believe in true love.
Totally - completely - and most definitely.
You can find true love, or it can find you.
Either way it's real and it's true.
I also believe true love is a choice.
Once it enters your life, you choose for it to stay or leave.
You always have the choice who you are going to love.
True love can find you.
True love is a noun.
But LOVE -
LOVE is an action.
To truly love, and to be loved is a gift
and it's a choice.

1 comment:

E and J said...

Love it! You and I have spoken about this before and this is a great expression of your feelings. I love the part about noun and actions....

Princess bride was one Cable last week. J actually asked me “isn’t this movie supposed to be funny?” I proceeded to pelt him with my favorite quotes including Wove, Twue, Wove. No response.

P.S. Thank you for thinking about a gift. I didn't want our guests to bring gifts. He got a jack-pot with 2 birthdays. We haven't been able to see you guys much with our new lifestyle and Lil G is just soooo social-he really LOVED having all the kids there to play with. It'll make up for all the birthday's we attended giftless.

Oh and I love all of your cute posts lately! You go super mom!