Saturday, June 13, 2009

So...let there be lists!

I can't even tell you HOW BADLY we need a vacation.
Thank heavens we have one right around the corner.
Assuming that we are all healthy.

But you know what always goes hand-in-hand with vacations? Especially road trips??? That's right, you guessed it - LISTS. Packing lists. Grocery lists. Cleaning lists. To-Do-Before-We-Go Lists. All sorts of lists to try and keep my head together and keep the stress level under control. I always feel productive the week before vacation because of my lists.

I will definitely be referring to this lovely resource while planning and packing for this road-trip. I am also a big fan of the Ziploc bags for storage. Tips I will be using this trip: 1) pack a bag full of bags for trash. Genius! Why didn't I think of that?! 2) the cooler full of drinks. Drinks are must for me on long road trips and I never plan the drinks ahead. I always think "we'll just get one when we stop," but aren't we all trying to save where we can these days? I think I just got a coupon in the mail for soda at Costco. I will definitley be using that this week.

Other things I want to plan for this trip:
- bag of books for each Daughter
- clipboards for coloring
- books on CD (HP 6 for Husband & I during nap time)
- possible in the car art project
- new "girl song" mix or two
- something special for Fathers' Day on the road (any ideas?)

We normally rely on the DVD player, snacks, and naps for road trips. Our kids are getting old enough now that they do less sleeping and need more entertaining. 13 hours is a long time to be watching DVDs the whole time, so I'm thinking if I can prepare well enough, I can probably hold them off for a few hours before the DVD player needs to be on. We'll see how that plans works out...

I'm off to make my lists!


Autumn said...

Lists and Road Trips! Happiness.

Kelly said...

Some things that work great for our girls when we hit the road:
-maga doodles
-"Puzzle Buzz" magazine from Highlights...they have tons of puzzles and sticker pages, the girls love them.
-Magic Marker coloring books. I love them because there is only one marker! No mess!
-Sticker books with the reusuable sickers.
-And if it get really bad we stick in our Dan Crow kids tape...70's vintage. I listened to it when I was kid, it works like magic!

Have Fun!!

Tami Kate said...

I can solve all your road trip problems... you just have to take me with you. :) I sing, can dance and do workouts in the car (don't ask how I learned that) as well as provide many hours of entertainment for any little girl... so ... when do we leave? :)