Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Have you seen these?!
Whoever thought of this is a GENIUS!
After our week of yucky sick germs at our house, we headed to Walmart yesterday to get new toothbrushes, which we were due for anyway. First Daughter picked out a pack of two Firefly toothbrushes - one pink (of course) and the other red - and I thought, great! they're cheap! so we bought them and took them home. Little did we know...they light up! How fun?! There is a 1-minute timer in these little babies, that lights up the toothbrush while the kiddos brush. Like I said, GENIUS! Now, my two Little Ms. Independents, know exactly how long to keep brushing those pearly whites. They were so excited about them that I think they brushed their teeth 5 times between lunch and dinner yesterday, and then of course, again before bed.
Yay! Another thing to make Mom's life just a little bit easier.
And a double yay for cheap!


E and J said...

Love it! I've been trying to find a sand timer for grace but these might just be better!

Erin said...

we have these toothbrushes too and my kids LOVE them.