Friday, April 24, 2009


Letter D!

D is for dots
Connect the D dots &
Dot the D

Second Daughter - our free spirit

First Daughter - our perfectionist

she ran out of dots, so she drew them in - LOVE it!

D is for Dumptruck
(from No Time for Flashcards)
1. paint the pieces

2. draw guide for them to glue on

3. cut out and glue on all the pieces

4. display!

meticulous First Daughter's
creative Second Daughter's

I LOVE that they each have their own style!


Becca said...

Very cute. Do you do these every Friday? The boys would love to paint.

Meg said...

We try to do them throughout the week whenever we have time.

Anonymous said...

Now you know, when Maya gets older, I'm gonna be calling you for a reminder of these activities!!! SO CUTE.