Sunday, March 8, 2009

So...almost done

As I was posting on my family blog about my end-of-pregnancy feelings, I felt the need to make one final list - the last-full-week-before-baby TO-DO list. I still have the playroom to clean this week to officially complete my goal of cleaning my house, but I don't have high-expectations for that room because it always is instantly a mess after I clean anything in there. So, in my mind, I've already reached my goal. Anything I accomplish in the playroom this week is just a bonus.

Last-full-week-before-baby TO-DO List:
- clean playroom almost done
- wash sheets/blanket in playroom done
- call Deluxe Carpet Cleaning and get carpets cleaned (yay!) done - coming Sat.
- stay on top of laundry & dishes
- plan menu
- grocery shopping done
- put things away in mudroom/junk basket
- prepare for Second Daughter's 2nd birthday almost done
- dog to groomer done - appt. on Tues.
- spend as much time as possible with Daughters

I'm getting excited thinking about this week. Baby could really be here anyday....

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