Saturday, August 17, 2013

So...Summer::Weeks Ten + Eleven

::getting to know baby::
::grandma in town::
::new sleep routine :) ::
(things the kiddos did with grandma)
::lots of play time::
::splash pad::
::dinosaur museum::
::visit great-grandparents::
::splash pad + park in Alpine::
::family reunion at Lake Tahoe::
::weekend home alone with baby::
::watching lots of movies in bed::
::visits from friends::
::swimming at Lake Tahoe::
::star gazing::
::so much fun with cousins::
::First Daughter learns how to do "the worm"::
::road trip with dad::
::amazing dad award::
::an afternoon with my brother::
::so happy to have family home::
::first five-kid-grocery-shopping-trip::
::cold-tubbing with friends::
::soccer begins::
::cousins in town::
::sister time::
::extended family time::
::nickel city::
::swimming at cousin's house::
::cousin sleepover::
::bridal veil falls::
::hamburgers + hot dogs::
::backyard campout:: may also like::
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Kelly said...

Your new little one is so precious...can't wait to meet him in person!

Lexi Powell said...

Oh yay for baby boy dimples!