Friday, April 15, 2011

WSMGS Pick of the Week::In Concert

"You Can Call Me Al" by Paul Simon
One of the few of his solo work that I actually do know well because 1) it is played at almost every sporting events, including our lowly Needham High football games, and 2) Chevy Chase is in the video and that always caught my attention. He's a funny guy!

Band #3 in concert.
I was bummed that it wasn't actually a Simon & Garfunkel reunion concert, but I was psyched to see Bob Dylan, since I was a fan of his as well. may also like:
::WSMGS Pick of the Week::In Concert aerosmith.
::WSMGS Pick of the Week::In Concert allman brothers.
::WSMGS Pick of the Week bush.

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Patricia Anne McGoldrick said...

These weekly music mentions are great, Meg!

Happy Poetry Month! This has been a fun month, this week especially, for celebrating poetry!
Have a great weekend.