Tuesday, December 28, 2010

So...tuckered out

With all the hustle & bustle of the season - shopping, baking, partying, singing, family coming in and out of town, not sleeping, laughing, playing, having-more-fun-than-I-imagined - I'm feeling like all I want to do is this:

...but definitely in a good way.
I hope your Holiday Season has been as wonderfully fun and memorable as ours!

Tomorrow = Mom & Dad flying in from Boston.


MommyMert said...

So glad you are enjoying yourself. :) Merry Christmas dear friend, hope you get to enjoy your New Years with your parents. Tell them hello from us.

Quinn, Allison, Rylee and Cailyn McNamara said...

I'd like to do that myself!
Looks like you guys had a fabulous Christmas! I miss you...hopefully we can catch up soon (: