Wednesday, February 17, 2010

So...what can I do when my body just says no?

So...I went to the gym today.
What can I say? I'm trying.

After an extra long weekend trip to visit some of our favorite friends where we ate way more food than one should consume in any given weekend, I was feeling a bit like I needed to exercise. It was the least I could do for my body. I think I packed on about 10 pounds this

So after dropping First Daughter off at preschool and Second Daughter off at playgroup, Third Daughter and I headed off to the gym. As we walked in, Third Daughter got very excited. She even flapped her arms. I guess that means she likes the Kids Club. I am so glad.

I started on my "usual" routine when I do weight training. I was going to do a circuit, so I picked my machines and got to it. A trainer recently told me that I should be working out at around a 7 (1 being the easiest thing I've ever done, and 10 being so hard I can't do it for another second). She said I should be shooting for heavier weight and lower reps. So that's what I did. Or at least that's what I tried.

I felt like I was pushing myself pretty hard. I was even breaking a sweat before I got to my cardio part of the circuit. That's a big deal for me. But about halfway through my third set of the circuit, I started feeling a little nauseous. You know, that cold sweating, I either need to go to the bathroom or throw up kind of feeling. It was yucky. I lied on the ground with my feet of a ball until I felt a little better. That's one thing at the gym that I know how to do right - lie on the ground.

I hung out there until my workout was over. I thought about the rest of my workout. I figured that counted. I heard once that if you visualize your body working out your body actually gets stronger. No idea where I heard that or if it's even true, but I'm quoting it anyway. Does 15 minutes of lying on the ground count as a workout? I think so. I'll take it.

I'm hoping that tomorrow goes a little better.
My body seems to be revolting against my efforts to lose weight and get back into shape.
I figure getting myself to the gym is half the battle.
And being at the gym while visualizing myself working out has got to be better than doing it at home. I think being around those skinny, in shape people has got to rub off on me one of these days.
It's just science.
Or math.
Or something.

Here's to hoping.


Autumn said...

I love your way of thinking!

Becca said...

Good job for going. Keep it up, I'm sure it will get easier. I wish I was motivated to exercise!