Friday, November 20, 2009

So...Not Too Shabby

I know it's been awhile...
I am excited to share another Inspiration of mine with you.

Molly over at Not Too Shabby is another lacrosse buddy of mine. I first met her at a tournament down in Las Vegas. We both played on the Utah team. Her and her sister Kate were instantly two of my favorites on the team. You know how some people you just click with right away? That's how is was when I met them. They are awesome lacrosse players, super fun to be around, so funny, and my kind of people.

I kept in touch with Molly over the years through lacrosse - through tournaments and pickup games here and there, and eventually coaching. I'm not really in the lacrosse world anymore (I don't like saying that out loud - or typing it) but Molly and I have reconnected through blogland. And I'm so glad. She is awesome.

Molly is incredibly creative. She is a very talented, self-taught photographer. She is a wonderful mother. She has an awesome sense of humor. She has great style. She is real, and that's what I love about her. Her blog is full of pretty pictures and all kinds of stuff that I like.

So here we go:

> How long have you been blogging and what inspired you to start?
I have been a blogger since May of 2007. My friend Caitlin Creer inspired me to start a blog. I was pregnant with my little girl Ruby and I mainly started it so I could log our adventure with her. Later, I started a design blog...because I figured that half the people that read my blog for an update on not care about my latest Etsy finds! I have loved every minute of blogging since.

> You are such a talented photographer and I love browsing through your photography blog as well. Are you self-taught or have you have any formal training? Where do you find inspiration for your photgraphy?
Well, thank you very much! I have been very surprised by my success thus far. I have been so busy with it (Molly Jones Photography) lately, I can hardly keep up. My formal training has been: a few high school/college classes and a lot of online courses. has been a really great resource for me. Besides that, I relaly feel that I have just improved with practice. It is so much fun. I love being able to provide a viable service for someone. I honestly think that capturing someone's child, family, etc. in a photograph is one of the greatest gifts one can give. I am very passionate about photography and I also LOVE owning my own business. It is such a great feeling to be able to contribute financially to my little family through my own hard work/business. For inspiration, I love old hings and things that remind me of my childhood. Thrift shopping inspires me. I try to not look too much at what other photographers are doing. I want my style to be my own.

> Do you have any advice for someone who is interested in picking up photography?
Advice...take pictures, take pictures, take pictures! Think outside the box. Try to be unique. Get down to the level of your little models. Think about upgrading your camera and lens. If shooting digital, practice post processing techniques to make your images pop that much more. Don't "overdo it" in Photoshop though...too vibrant of colors, too many actions, and too much skin editing (for example) can be a mistake. DON'T doubt yourself. One recent quote that I really like is "Be brave enough to live creatively."

> I know I've said this a few times, but I LOVE YOUR STYLE. It is a very comfortable but not sloppy, stylish but not too trendy, DOABLE look that I love. Where is your favorite place to shop?
Megan you are so sweet. You have fabulous style yourself. I don't know...lately, I have been shopping more for my little girl Ruby than for myself! I honestly rarely buy clothes for myself. Let's put it this way, if I were on a shopping spree, I would love to spend a lot of time in Anthropologie, J. Crew, & Lulu Lemon. But I have also found some awesome clothes at Target! In case you are interested...I did just find some really cute new William Rast jeans that I LOVE.

> You obviously have such a sweet and special relationship with your daughter Ruby. How do you think being a mother has changed you?
Oh my, being a mother is THE greatest thing in the world. Honestly. Sure there are some downsides to it...for your skeptics out there, but at the end of the day, it is SO worth it. It is SO incredible how your capacity for love grows as a mother. I think it is very important to maintain a sense of individualtiy and independence though. My husband and I really work hard at allowing each other time to pursue our hobbies. He is so wonderful and allows me time to pursue things that I love...i.e. running, lacrosse, soccer, friends, photography, movies, etc.

> What is your motto? motto? A few motto's that I like to live by are to BE POSTIVIE, LIVE IN THE PRESENT, BE SPONTANEOUS, AND LAUGH AT YOURSELF. Honestly, nothing drives me more crazy than negativity.

> Do you have anything new and/or exciting coming up on your blogs that you want us to know about?
I have been posting new photo shoots pretty regularly. And...I just might have a new photography site in the next few months. Not Too Shabby always gets a little more attention and a little more exciting in the Winter, when the weather starts going down sure to watch for some exciting things.

Thanks Molly!
One of these days we'll make up there to see you and meet your sweet Ruby.
And one of these days I'll gain enough courage to come to another lax tournament. :)