Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Cleaned out our "garden" this weekend.
We harvest lots of carrots, which were yummy with our Sunday roast.

Dog resisted (with much effort) digging these babies up all summer.
He never took his eyes off them until they were in the crockpot and out of sight.

Don't worry, we did reward his good behavior with one of these orange treats.

I'm already thinking and planning for next years' garden. Hopefully by then we will have the other planter box in and have more room to grow. I'm thinking one box for pumpkin (since they take over everything) and one zucchini (because I will always plant zucchini), and the other box for smaller things like peas, carrots, perhaps a row or two of corn.

Stay tuned for shots of our carved pumpkins - straight out of our patch.

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Jenessa R. McEwan said...

That is a great picture of Baxter. :-)