Thursday, September 3, 2009 should do this too

As I have mentioned, I am particpating in School Days over at TravelinOma.
This is only the first week and I'm already loving it.
Today's assignment is one that you all should do, whether you're enrolled or not.
It is worth it. I promise.

One thing I know about myself is I need a little reassurance now and then.
Ok, I admit...sometimes I need a lot of reassurance...
Most of the time that happens when I'm being overly critical or flat out being mean and/or neglectful of myself.
Sometimes I just need to know I'm ok.
Really, the ONLY thing that gets me out of those silly funks is to take a second and appreciate little things about me, reflect on my smally accomplishments (and maybe some big ones), and try and refocus on what really is important. NOT whether or not I can keep my house sparkling clean or whether I can wake up at 6 am to go running every morning...

You should try it.
Why should you look yourself in the mirror and tell yourself you're amazing and beautiful?
In the words of my cousin, WHY NOT?!

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