Monday, September 7, 2009

And for my Labor Day assignment...

Today it's all about work.
It being Labor Day and all.
I spent more time thinking about work, than actually working.
Don't get me wrong, I did work today.
I cleaned the heck out of my kitchen and some.
And then I quickly realized my house looks pretty much the same whether I've cleaned it or not.
And so I stopped.
I guess the only difference now is that I know it has been cleaned.
Even though nobody could tell by looking at it.
But it's the thought that counts...right???

While I was cleaning my kitchen and such, I was thinking a whole lot about work - why it is important, how to teach my kids how to work, how to motivate myself to work, what work means to me, and how I'm pretty sure Labor Day is meant to give us all a break from work. Right??? So why do I feel like I should be working...?

I don't think I came to any grand conclusions, but I did have some thoughts on the matter.

- work is important
- work is the means to growth
- it is important to teach my kids how to work
- I teach them work through my example
- I teach them how to work by letting them help me
- working together as a family is some of the best family time
- I appreciate how hard-working Husband is - especially at his job, but also at home
- anything that requires hard work is worth it, so work hard.
- being a mom is hard work - sometimes the hardest - and the most worth it.
- the harder and longer you work, the better it feels to relax.
- this kept coming to mind, and how not to create more, unnecessary work.

Hope you all had a great Labor Day and were able to not labor.
Tomorrow we can all get back to work, and working hard.

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