Tuesday, August 25, 2009

So...Wonderfully Wordy

And we're back...

My next feature is an old friend from MA. We knew each other back in Needham, MA when we were in elementary school. We played all the time, we danced together, and went to church together. I haven't seen her in about 20 years. I can't believe I can even say that.... Ok, maybe it hasn't been quite 20 years, but you get the idea. I'm getting old.

Anyway... that's beside the point.

Today's Inspiration:

I reconnected with Shelley through our family blogs about a year ago. I was instantly impressed with her positive outlook on life, her cute family and obvious adoration for her three beautiful girls, and her CREATIVITY. She really has an amazing gift. Wonderfully Wordy is her blog dedicated to her vinyl lettering and amazing project ideas. On top of her creativity, I appreciate how REAL she is and her honesty when it comes to motherhood, family, and day to day life. I was excited to find out a little more about this lovely lady.

> How long have you been blogging and what inspired you to start?
Let's see, I have been blogging on my Smith Family Blog since (checking blog history) July 2006!!!! WOAH.. that is a LONG freakin' time! lol. I remember when I was trying to decide if I wanted to start a blog, or a myspace page. LOL. Good thing I went with a blog. ha!

The reason I started my family blog casonshelley.blogspot.com was because we had family who lived in California, while we still lived in Utah. It was hard on my family to not be around and see the first grandkids grow up, so I wanted a great way to share the day to day with them, without having to call and repeat stories time and time again. Blogging was simple and easy. So I knew that when I wanted to start doing vinyl lettering, and make a little business out of it, that a blog was the way to go, to start up! I would love to move to a website eventually, but for right now, with three very small children... blogging is about as much as I can handle! :)

> Talk a little bit about Wonderfully Wordy. How did you get into vinyl design? How long have you been doing it?
I LOVE having my Wonderfully Wordy business!! My husband, funny enough, encouraged me to start doing vinyl on the side. I'm pretty sure that he was fed up with how much money I was spending on the stuff, from other people and stores, that he thought this might help...little did he and I know the REAL start up costs for something this big. LOL. It all worked out and now I can put a little in the pot at the end of the month and make a car payment or buy a cute piece of furniture, and feel like I did my part! It feels great! I guess that's where it all started, to be honest. I LOVE LOVE LOVE being a SAH mom. But let's get real. You get married, you have a couple of kids, move about 10 times, get a husband graduated from school, and you feel like you don't remember who you are anymore!!! After about 2 years of the day to day, with twin babies and another on the way, I felt like I needed something of my OWN! Anyone who has children TOTALLY knows what I'm talking about. When you have kids, it's overwhelming, sometimes thankless, and completley unselfish. So somtimes you have to... stop... and make yourself a priority and do something that takes your mind off the daily stresses.

Vinyl, was MY creative outlet.

I feel that I have always been pretty creative. I love art, hair, music, clothing, design, drawing... the list goes on. It has always been a way for me to get out of my comfort zone, while still feeling comfortable... hope that makes sense. :) I think that everyone has a need and want to be the first to do or create something. If we didn't, then we would never have the need for world records or high end, popular designers. Creating something that you are proud of... whether it be designing vinyl, baking a new recipe, or simply painting a room is so completley rewarding to me! Once I saw how interested and excited other people were in my vinyl products, that I had designed, I KNEW that this was the right line of work for me!! And I have been doing it for about 2 years.

> You (obviously) are incredibly creative. You always have new projects and amazing ideas. Where do you find your inspiration? Where do you find your quotes, or do you come up with them on your own?
When I started Wonderfully Wordy, I knew that I would need LOTS of ideas for projects, quotes, pricing, layouts, techniques... and MORE. So I literally spent a whole WEEK sitting in front of my computer, book marking other vinyl websites I liked, quotes I came across, rooms that I wanted to see vinyl in... things like that, so I could go back and reference them later. It really helped me get a handle on what people like, and what was most popular. Some of my favorite sites are:

> Tell me a little bit about vinyl scraps. I think this is a great concept and want to know more about it.
Vinyl Scraps was a really fun way for me to get myself into the "scrapbooking industry." I'm TOTALLY not a scrapbooker (one expensive hobby at a time, people) but I LOVED making cards! I have actually sold a few cards on my site, and can't WAIT to get more up!

I'll let you in on a little secret. I am TOTALLY OCD. I love for things to look perfect. And so when I was making cards and needed little phrases, or words, I would get SO frustrated with stamps, and rub on's because they just... never worked for me. Stamps would bleed, and rub on's from the scrapbooking stores would always be splotchy and would never come out how I wanted them to. So one day I was sitting on my computer, designing some vinyl for a client, and my friend was working on a little scrapbook album when she let out a frustrating growl. I asked her what was wrong, and she told me that she had spent about 8 bucks on this dumb small, sheet of rub on's for ONE little word, and she JUST messed it up, and couldnt' use it anymore!! I asked to see it, and ended up creating almost an exact replica, in vinyl! She LOVED IT. It wasn't NEARLY as fragile, and it only took a few seconds to apply! I knew right then, that I was onto something.

I currently have a sheet of "Thank you's" "Happy Birthday's" and a sheet of "This and That" (a mixure of a buch of phrases and such) I LOVE them, and it makes sending out a home made birthday or thank you card SO SO easy!!

> You are the mother to three very young, and very adorable girls. How do you find time to run your business, find time for your family, find time for yourself, and still have energy to be creative at the end of the day? Any secrets to managing it all? Any advice to for fellow overachieving, crazy-busy moms?
OH sheesh, this is a hard one. But I know I'm not alone. I have found that being a Mother, Wife, house cleaner, servent, nurse, maid, party coordinator, vinyl business woman, problem solver, and baby maker is a WHOLE heck of a LOT harder then I thought it would be.

I used to tell my friend... "Why doesn't someone WARN you that when you get married and have kids, that it really SUCKS sometimes!!!"

LOL. Please don't take this wrong. I LOVE my children and husband more then life itself... but somedays when you're kids are screaming in your ear, fighting over a barbie, your inbox is full of vinyl orders, you're washing sheets with throw up on them for the 4th time that week, and then your hubby walks in the door and asks, "what's for dinner"... you want to DIE! Am I right!?!?! lol. SO I guess I don't have a great answer for this. I AM an overacheiving mom who spanks her kids, yells and cries a LOT, spends too much money on luxuries, like McDonalds and The Children's Museum and STILL feels like what I have done at the end of the day, just WASN'T enough.

It's just recently that I have realized, that somtimes... loving your kids and trying your VERY hardest is the ONLY thing that you CAN do, most days! I have to quote some vinyl, that is on MY wall at this point, if I may....lol
"We may not have it all together...
but together we have it All"

This is definitely my new motto. :) And as for my advice and sanity, most days....

A tall ice cold glass of water, a bag of frozen semi-sweet chocolate chips, for easy access, in the freezer and LOTS of mindless blog surfing.

> What are you going to miss the most about living in Utah? What are you looking forward to about your move to Tuscon? How do you think this move will change your life?
Oh gosh. This one is easy! I will miss my Family... My Friends... My House... My vinyl and craft supplier... lol. The list could go on for hours. The weather, the food, the people, the culture, the grid system, the mountains, the SLC temple, downtown... OH and by FAR... THE SHOPPING!!!!!!!!!!!....I LOVE Utah. The second we get a chance to move back... we are THERE! It's been the best place to live EVER. I met my husband, got married, had three babies and have made best friends there. I wouldn't change the last 8 years of my life for anything in the world!

Well.... now that we are in sunny, hot, dry, sandy Tucson....... ha. I'm actually okay. This move for us was completely emotional. We knew what we had to do for Cason's job, and we're glad that we made this choice. Was it easy? No. Is it going to pay off in the long run? Yes.I have never had to move to another state, and now know how hard it REALLY is! Kudo's for those of you who have done this multiple times!

How do I think this will change our lives... Well, it might sound funny, but you know how you can just look at a couple and, TELL that they are... "older and more mature"... I think we just hit that milestone this last year. LOL. (pretty weird) We have had to deal with a LOT lately. And there is something to be said about a happily married couple that can juggle what life has had to throw at them. We have come a long ways from nights full of hours of fun with other "newly married couple friends" and chatting away till all hours of the night.Now it's more like babies, books and bed, before 10. :) And we're okay with that! There is a sense of security, knowing that no matter how out of style you are, or how big your butt get's... you will always have a husband who loves you and kids... who hopefully never learn how to use the word "fat" in the right context. lol. jk.

> What blog do you most frequently read and why?
What blog do I most read... and why. Hmmm... I would have to say, embarassingly (is that a word) enough, that I don't have just one. Blogs are like peanut butter M & M's to me... you start with one... you see the potential of a whole bunch, and before you know it... you're starting in on another "fun size" bag. **sigh** it's NOT a pretty picture.

Lots of my faves are on the left side of my blog roll... (I'm TOTALLY into home decor and before and after furniture and thrift finds, right now)and on the right side, under "other fun blogs".

Totally check them out!

> Do you have anything new and/or exciting coming up on your blog that you want us to know about?
As far as my Wonderfully Wordy blog goes... I just got everything back up and running again... from the move! And I'm throwing my FIRST home vinyl party on the 3rd of September, so look out for some great deals, on extra, already printed vinyl, after my party is over!! I can't wait! Pictures to come!

Thank you so much Shelley!
You are truly wonderful. Thanks for sharing you and your talent with us. I will continue to reference your site for upcoming crafts and projects. I too need a creative outlet and love to craft, but I am one that uses other people's ideas and can't come up with my own so well. So I am thankful for people like you!


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