Saturday, August 15, 2009

So...I'm baa-aack

Hello again.
I have missed you so :)

Our nine day trip to Needham, MA was full of family fun, wonderful trips around Boston and into Maine, a missionary farewell, movie night, family photo shoots, food, food, and MORE FOOD. I felt like we were gone forever, and as much as I am glad to be home, I am avoiding returning to reality at all costs. I blame laundry day on not getting dressed until after lunch...

Here's a quick review on our trip:
- surprise visit from sis-inlaw and twins
- beach day in Ogunquit, ME
- seafood dinner: adults only
I've realized I don't like lobster so much, or muscles
- day at my new favorite park in Auburndale, MA
- Chinese food
Utah Chinese food just does NOT cut it
- Castle Island
- Younger Brother's missionary farewell
- Open House to celebrate missionary farewell
visit with so many old friends = great time
- buffalo chicken sub from Cowlick's
a must
- Younger Brother set apart as missionary
- late night meal at Anna's Taqueria
Younger Brother's last supper
- watch Evita in honor of Younger Brother's mission to Argentina
horrible movie, and I can't get the music out of my head
- temple trip with Husband to the Boston Temple
we hadn't been there since our wedding day and it was WONDERFUL to go back!
- dinner date with Sis & Bro-inlaw
- family photo shoot by Sis-inlaw
- visit best friend
- trip to Boston Commons & Boston Gardens
swan boats were closed :(
- breakfast with Sister
- late night laughs with Sisters & Brothers
- girls movie/dinner night
Julie & Julia - LOVED it
- lots of playing with cousins

Basically, we had a blast.
I love being with family.
I love Massachusetts.
I need more of both in my life.

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